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Am I eligible to receive free diapers and/or formula?

Bottles N Bottoms currently serves families that live in a household with an income at or below Medicaid and WIC guidelines in Mecklenburg County. Depending on availability of diapers and formula, babies can receive supplemental formula up to age 1 and supplemental diapers up to age 3 every 120 days. We do not distribute diapers and/or formula directly to familes. Instead, we work with existing agencies that are already assisting those in need. If you have a social worker or case worker that you are already working with, they can make a referral for you. The form can be found in the Get Diapers/Formula section. If you do not have a social worker or case worker, your baby's doctor's office can call Love Inc. an agency that we work with at 704-536-5588 and make a referral for you.


What size diapers do you need?

We need all sizes, newborn thru size 6


Can I donate open packages of diapers?

We will accept partially used packages of diapers that you no longer need or your child has grown out of. Please label them and separate them by size.


Isn’t breast milk best for babies? Why do you provide formula rather than encouraging these new mothers to breastfeed?

Mothers must be supported in their decisions whether they choose to breastfeed, formula feed or use a combination of both. If a mother is medically unable to breastfeed, chooses not to breastfeed, or decides to supplement her baby’s feeding, infant formula is the most nutritious alternative to breast milk .


Why not cloth diapers?

Low income families that are working typically use day care services for their children while they work. Most day care centers typically require that parents provide a supply of disposable diapers for their babies. In most areas, laundromats do not allow cloth diapers to be washed in their facilities because of sanitary reasons. Most low income families do not have their own personal washers and dryers.


Do you need adult diapers?

There is a huge need for adult diapers, but we are focusing our efforts right now on babies and toddlers.